Hotel furniture manufacturers in italy

Made in Italy hotel furniture for bedrooms and common areas, designed and produced  for hospitality.
Our dedicated team combines efficiency and craftsmanship to offer a great flexibility which allows us to deliver bespoke wardrobes, headboards, desks, night stands, luggage racks… We can advise on the best materials and finishes to meet your unique needs.
Does your hotel furniture need to be refurbished? Or do you wish to simply add something new  to the existing features of your rooms? We are the ideal partner for developing and fitting out durable, comfortable and cozy hotel furniture.  We can help you to turn your ideas into a successful hotel interiors project to exceed your expectations and fit your budget. 
Download the catalogue and find in our collections range the perfect solution for you. 
The products you see in our catalogue are just an example: a good starting point to create your unique project, choosing measures, finishes and configuration. 

Here are some numbers: 689.920 different hotel rooms could be created combining the furniture in our catalogue. Plus, we offer 13 laminate finishes, 20 lacquered finishes, 35 fireproof faux leather colors for headboards and boxspring beds… actually an infinite range of possibilities for your bespoke hotel rooms.
We can offer a great output, still at a competitive price for our customers. We can help with your next project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.